Temple Grandin

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Claire Danes, Julia Ormond, David Strathairn  

Summary -  The story of autistic icon Temple Grandin, a woman who refused to let her disorder limit her true potential. Adapted from Grandin's own writings, the film allows the audience to experience the world much like she does while recounting her colorful life and remarkable achievements from childhood to adulthood. Now go watch this movie.

Cautions - Ummm... a cow drowns. Now go watch this movie.

Commentary - If reading this delays you from watching the movie, skip it and sit down and watch this movie. Why? It is incredibly insightful to anyone who has someone on the autism spectrum in their life. Director, Mick Jackson, transports us into the world of Temple with such nuance and respect that the film pulls you in at the start. The performances are some of the best ever filmed. Claire Danes is transformed and captivates us as Temple and Julia Ormond is so powerful as her mother. My eyes tear up just thinking about how good this movie is.

Please understand that I don't have words to convey what an achievement I think this film is. To me, it embodies the full potential of the medium in telling stories worth telling. What are doing still reading this - go watch this movie. I give it my highest recommendation!

FYI - It was nominated for a whopping 15 Emmy Awards and won 7 of them!


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