A Little Princess

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Liesel Matthews, Eleanor Bron, Liam Cunningham    

Summary - Lodged at a foreboding New York boarding school during WWI, an inventive little girl wins friends with her talent for reciting tales of ancient India, but soons earns antipathy from a frightful headmistress.

Cautions - Some intense moments

Commentary -  It’s clear from the outset of this movie that something special is in store. It's an exquisite, perfectly played serious fantasy that movingly stresses the importance of magic and the imagination in the scheme of life. A classic the moment it hits the screen.

A Little Princess is a riot of cinematic imagination, with a visual style that fully expresses all of the story’s thematic potential without ever going overboard into show-offy excess for its own sake. Director, Alfonso Cuarón, and his team, have created an entirely artificial world where humdrum reality is threatened at every moment to be overwhelmed by vibrant light and color, a world in which the creative urge refuses to be dimmed or compromised by the imperatives of conformity.

It is marvelously crafted in every respect, and score by Patrick Doyle, imaginatively incorporates diverse musical influences to provide a rich background for the dazzlingly visual storytelling.

So if you can't tell, I deeply love this movie! But you will also not be disappointed with the irresistible Shirley Temple version from 1939.


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