Father of the Bride

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Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor 

Summary - The father of a young woman deals with the emotional pain of her getting married, along with the financial and organizational trouble of arranging the wedding.

Cautions - A lot of money gets spent on a wedding

Commentary - Nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Picture, Father of the Bride is old fashion comedy at it's best. I know you might be tempted to want to watch and flashy, newer version with Steve Martin but (as much as I love him) he cannot hold a candle to Spencer Tracy. Tracy (nominated for an Academy Award for his performance) really seems like a dad torn between the love for his daughter and the craziness that is her wedding. He carries this movie on his back.

Yes, Father of the Bride is a honey of a picture of American family life. It shouldn't discourage anyone's wedding plans but—well, I'm certainly happy to have all sons.


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