Seymour: An Introduction

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Seymour Bernstein, Jiyang Chen, Ethan Hawke  

Summary - Meet Seymour Bernstein: a beloved pianist, teacher and true inspiration who shares eye-opening insights from an amazing life. Ethan Hawke helms this poignant guide to art and life.

Cautions -The music may move you to tears

Commentary - It's a film with warmth - a good heart. Seymour: An Introduction is just that - not too much biography, or history. And one doesn't need to be a music aficionado, or a musician, (or an artist of any kind) to appreciate the modest yet insightful thoughts coming from this man. There's no pressing story to tell, or even especially vital achievement to record yet I found myself captivated. It's quiet, considered and spellbinding, with a great deal of beautiful music - some of it performed exquisitely by Bernstein himself.

Ethan Hawke has directed a film that takes us on a meditative journey into the heart of a fascinating artist who has found fulfillment in life and purpose in sharing his insights with his students.


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