The Maldonado Miracle

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Peter Fonda, Mare Winningham, Rubén Blades   

Summary - In a small, dying town, the residents' faith is tested when a statue of Jesus seems to be shedding real tears of blood.

Cautions -Some thematic elements

Commentary - A film of faith and doubt, fixed in a small town and revolving around a Catholic church whose leader seems to have lost his purpose. Salma Hayek makes her directorial debut with this heartwarming drama based on the novel by Theodore Taylor.

We are introduced to a series of people whose lives are touched after José (Eddy Martin), a young boy from Mexico, sneaks into the United States in search of his father, a migrant worker, and initiates events that reinvigorate the faithful and offer hope to the lost.

Although it's discussions of faith are couched in Catholic culture, the messages transcend religious facade to ask questions that are truly spiritual.

It's not a masterpiece (the camera work, at times, draws a lot of attention to itself) but it is meaningful and surprises you at the end, moving beyond the superficial antics of some of it's characters -(Josephina, the woman who first discovers the miracle and then makes the most out of her story and publicity has a really moving final scene. A wonderful performance by Soledad St. Hilaire).


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