The Adventures of Robin Hood

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 Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone

Summary - When Prince John and the Norman Lords begin oppressing the Saxon masses in King Richard's absence, a Saxon lord fights back as the outlaw leader of a rebel guerrilla army.

Cautions - Adventure violence

Commentary - Bows will be strung. Arrows will be split. Adventure awaits!

So many have tried to improve upon the classic tales of Sherwood Forest (Disney has at least 3 in their canon) but, after almost 80 years, no one has done it better than Errol Flynn's, The Adventures of Robin Hood. Not only is Flynn at his best, but Olivia De Haviland, and Basil Rathbone shine in wonderful supporting roles. An adventure, a love story and a tale of morality, The Adventures of Robin Hood is a great family movie from a more innocent time. Director Michael Curtiz (The director of Casablanca no less) gets all the right shots and performances from his cast.

Some might have a hard time getting past the style of the production, in particular the costumes. We are used to much more gritty and "real" productions today. Just relax and let the story do it's magic. And, if you want gritty, take comfort in knowing that there is no CGI. Those arrows flying into Robin's shield are not special effects or even wire guided - they actually hired a top notch archer to shoot real arrows at our star! Take that Russell Crowe!


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