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Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Edward Herrmann    

Summary - A cruel but beautiful heiress screws over a hired carpenter, who later finds her when she gets amnesia from falling "overboard." Looking for a little revenge he convinces her that she's his wife to take care of his discipline starved kids and rundown house.

Cautions - Casual swearing throughout (some by children.) There are some bikini-clad women and one suit that shows a lot of buttocks. One scene of intimacy.

Commentary - Because of the cautions listed, I'm not really sure who to recommend this movie to. The problem with just discarding this romantic comedy is that there is so much heart. It amounts to a sweet story about family and the value of both a mother and father. It's a parable about how wealth and selfishness can insulate one from the simple pleasures in life and the joy of "getting your hands dirty." Yes the rich, snobby woman is civilized by a blue collar good guy, but he (and his boys) are transformed from rude, crude bumpkins by a real lady.

This is a genuinely funny film from concept to execution by a talented cast, writer and director. Even some supporting characters, such as the director's son playing a coast guard scouter, provide great comedic moments. But I'm not sure this one is for the whole family.


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